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PUBLIC NOTICE (Published in The Cordell Beacon on August 8, 2007)

  Burns Flat - Dill City Schools - Public Notice - Child Identification/Awareness

  The Child Find Services of the Burns Flat - Dill City Schools is seeking information concerning handicapped children who might be eligible for educational services from the public school and vocational technical education program.

  The Bureau of Education for the Handicapped has mandated that the public educational facilities will be responsible for education for all handicapped children aged 0-21 regardless of their handicapping condition.

  The State Department of Education has approved regulations to meet minimum guidelines to implement such services.  Burns Flat - Dill City Schools is asking for everyone's help in locating all unserved handicapped children.  It is the responsibility of each local school district to locate and refer all handicapped children who are not receiving educational services from the public school system.

  To refer a child with a suspected handicap, please call Cheri Lou Gastineau or Sue Hileman at 580-562-4846 for information and programming available for handicapped students.

PUBLIC NOTICE (Published in The Cordell Beacon on August 8, 2007)

  A Notice to Parents

  The Burns Flat- Dill City Schools is part of a joint venture involving the Oklahoma State Department of Education to collect selected information on Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally Handicapped children, birth through 21 years of age, for the purpose of determining present and future program and placement needs for statistical reporting.

  As a parent, you are guaranteed the rights to inspect any such information, which is subject to collection, and to require the accuracy of such information.  Access by any unauthorized person to information, which would identify an individual child, without the informed consent of the parent is expressly forbidden.

  This agency is responsible for the confidential maintenance of this information and for its destruction.  It is required that this data be destroyed following completion of Special Services to the child, but not sooner than seven years after the record is generated.  Parents will be notified and asked to consent to submission prior to the entry of any personally identifiable data for this collection and prior to the destruction of this data.

  If you have any questions regarding the confidential data on your child, you may contact one of the following persons at this agency:  Cheri Lou Gastineau or Sue Hileman at 580-562-4846.  If you do not fully understand this notice, please contact Cheri Lou Gastineau or Sue Hileman to explain it's meaning to you.  This notice is placed here under Federal Regulations related to the confidentiality of information.