Trinity Jones was honored at the BF-DC Board meeting for Outstanding Service to the school.

Aubree Moore and Liberty Bohanan were honored at the BF-DC School Board meeting for their Outstanding Service. 

They turned in to the office $200 that they found in front of the school.  The money was the grocery money for a local family.  



8th Grade Academic Team

The team won OAAC Division 1 Area Championship

They are advancing to the State Level Challenge of Champions 

on February 25 at Redlands College.

From left to right:  John Kilhoffer, Mia Tibbetts, Alexa Plaza, Ethan Howell, Samuel Hernandez, Melody Julian,
Tori Cline, Ryan Neeley, Coach Rita Roskam and Grace Schneberger.

* Teach students to think logically and creatively,
listen attentively, and express ideas clearly and
correctly to the full extent of their abilities.
* Aid students to become proficient in communication.
* Teach students to think critically and act responsibly.
* Encourage students within the limits of their abilities
to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to
function in today's society.
* Teach an appreciation of the duties,
responsibilities, and privileges of citizenship.
* Encourage participation in youth organizations and activities.
*Recognize differences in students and
provide opportunities in vocational areas
as well as academic fields.
* To develop an understanding of ethical and
moral values as a foundation upon which to
build one's life to be consistent with the ideas of
a true democratic society.
* Encourage a desire for learning.
* Stress that education is never complete.

Click the link below to go to a great news article published October 8th,

 highlighting the Burns Flat-Dill City Schools new program.


EOI/OCCT Test Results


Parents: The results from last Spring's EOI/OCCT tests are in and ready to be picked up. We did not receive them in time for the past parent/teacher conferences. However, parents, you may pick them up in my office. Please call before coming to the school to be sure I am in the office. Please pass the word. Thank You, Ms. Smith (580)562-4844 Ext. 103 
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