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    ENROLLMENT FOR 2014-2015


    10th - 12th Grade
    July 28th

    7th - 9th Grade
    July 29th

    6th Grade
    and anyone that missed their other date
    July 31st


    Will Rogers Elementary

    1st - 2nd - 3rd Grade
    July 29th
    12 noon-6pm

    4th - 5th Grade
    July 31st
    12 noon-6pm

     Make-Up -- anyone that missed other days
    August 1st
    12 noon-6pm

    PreK - K - T1
    August 4th
    12 noon-6pm


    Teachers Report on August 8, 2014
    @7:30 am

    First Day Classes
    2014-2015 School Year
    August 14, 2014
    7:55 am
    * Teach students to think logically and creatively,
    listen attentively, and express ideas clearly and
    correctly to the full extent of their abilities.
    * Aid students to become proficient in communication.
    * Teach students to think critically and act responsibly.
    * Encourage students within the limits of their abilities
    to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to
    function in today's society.
    * Teach an appreciation of the duties,
    responsibilities, and privileges of citizenship.
    * Encourage participation in youth organizations and activities.
    *Recognize differences in students and
    provide opportunities in vocational areas
    as well as academic fields.
    * To develop an understanding of ethical and
    moral values as a foundation upon which to
    build one's life to be consistent with the ideas of
    a true democratic society.
    * Encourage a desire for learning.
    * Stress that education is never complete.

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